Sunday, May 9, 2021

Is It Summer Yet?

 Whenever I eat like a vegetarian, I lose weight.  Summer is around the corner and I want to get back into those Venus bathing suits of mine, so I looked up a few healthy recipes to meal pack. 

 I got excited when I found a recipe for veggie burgers - less than 200 calories.  Black beans, brown rice, asssorted roasted veggies and herbs.  I assembled, mixed and grilled them in just a touch of olive oil.  I was happy at how they turned out - but something was missing.  I dug through the freezer and there it was - lonely, nearly hidden behind freezer burnt ice cream - glaring at me and darn-near confrontational.  

“No! I shouted!  You’re the reason I want liposuction!”  I slammed the door, walked away, then slowly turned back shaking my head.  And hence the veggie-bacon burger was born.  And I’m full.  ☺️

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