Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Music is the Universal Language; or The German Pianist

About 12 years ago I was on a cruise ship in Europe. My cousin and I were hanging out at a little piano bar and the German pianist asked us what we would like to hear. I requested this song, but he'd never heard of it. I sang a few bars for him and told him it was an American treasure. A couple of days go by, and we went back to the bar. When the pianist saw me, he waved me over and started playing this song. He told me that after I described it to him, he had the sheet music faxed over when we had stopped at the last port. He told me he fell in love with the song and was adding it to his repertoire. Music is truly the universal language. Happy Birthday Nat King Cole.

Behind the Photograph - A Chat with Jerry Pressley

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